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  About us
Manufacturer Of Citrate Salts, Zinc Salts, Choline Salts, Sodium Benzoates, Phosphates, Mumbai, India

Devendra Kirti Pharmachem pvt ltd is governed by committee of Directors. They set broad vision and mission of the company along with short term and long term targets. The committee of Directors and their profile is as under.


Mr. Abhay Y Chaudhari :
Mr Abhay Chaudhari is a science graduate and has been in chemical industry for last 18 years. He brings with him an experience in manufacturing aromatic & perfumery product, herbal extract, various natural butters, pharmaceutical intermediates and cosmetics. Mr Abhay Chaudhari is in charge of marketing and sales activity of the company.

Mr. Kushal Velaskar :
Mr. kushal velaskar is a is Electonics Engineer and has been in engineering industry for last 25 years. He looks into factory machine maintenance and plant operations since last 10 Years. He is incharge of production activity, logistics and purchase function of the company.

Ambroxol HCL IP/BP/USP/EP Iron Choline Citrate 66% Solution
Ferric Ammonium Citrate IP/BP/USP Tri Choline Citrate 65% Solution
L Lysine Hydrochloride USP/IP Bronopol BP
Piroxicam IP/BP/USP Propyl Gallate IP
Meloxicam IP/BP/USP Sodium Saccharin USP
Sodium Citrate IP/BP Sodium Benzoate IP/BP
Zinc Sulphate Hepta Hydrate I.P/B.P Citric Acid Anhydrous IP/BP/USP
Zinc Sulphate Mono Hydrate U.S.P/I.P Citric Acid Monohydrate IP/BP/USP
  Vitamin E 50% Dry Powder

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